It was 1992 and David was touring with his band promoting his album. He was appearing at Toad's in New Haven, Ct-which is a very famous club for having "suprise" acts like the Stones,Billy Joel ect just show up and play. That night one of my friends Karen and I braved the Ct winter and drove to see him.We got there and had alot of fun with the people in the audience. Two divinity students sat next to me and we chatted about how much we loved DC. I went to buy a T-Shirt and didn't have enough money.  One of the divinity and I walked to the ATM and she took out money so
we both could buy T-Shirts. Then, the concert began...Danny was the opening act and his stand-up was very funny. Then, DC came out. The crowd went wild. (Me too) Wearing the T-Shirt with his photo on it I approached the stage as the encore began. I held out my hand and he touched my fingers as he looked into my eyes and said those famous words,"I think I love you." It was a great night!!!

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