Meeting David

I met David in Sacramento, CA, at a CD-signing at the Tower Records in September of I think 1990. In fact I think it was the 20-year anniversary of the first Partridge Family episode! Called in sick to work and everything so I could go. That morning he'd been on my favorite radio station there (I still wonder if it is because of a suggestion I sent in to him/his management to contact that station beforehand? You never know - there are lots of stations there and he did pick that one!) When I met him, I had all sorts of things for him to sign, including my very first PF album, a lunchbox I'd gotten just recently (he joked that it would "probably reduce the value of the lunchbox if I sign it" and I said, "Oh I don't think so!") He spent a lot of time talking to me, we took pictures and all that. He was so kind and gracious to everyone, and I was totally starstruck of course! In fact we talked so much, mainly me saying "I can't believe I am finally getting to meet you after all these years" and things like that, that he wrote a greeting on my red "Album" but forgot to write his name with it!

I've seen him other times, but that was the first. Not much later, I saw him in concert in Santa Clara, CA, and have since seen him in Blood Brothers when it toured, in EFX, and in concert in Washington DC last October (2002). But I've only talked with him that one time, and it was so exciting!

A Brush With Brian

I (sort of) met Brian Forster once - would you believe he was working on his race car on my friend's street in Santa Clara, California? She lived just a couple blocks from where we grew up, watching the Partridge Family, listening to all the albums, and reading Tiger Beat and all those other magazines when we were kids.....She, I, and her husband were going out somewhere and took the long way around, down their street, and there he was, out in the driveway of her neighbor's house, working on his race car. Her husband said, "That's the guy from that show you're in love with" and told us he saw him there all the time! Apparently he lived somewhere outside San Francisco then, and raced somewhere nearby also - think I saw that on one of those "where are they now?" shows then. I think he kept his car at their neighbor's house. He worked on it there, anyway! We didn't talk to him or even stop, didn't want to bug or embarrass him (and we were too shy, also), but it definitely was him, and right in my old neighborhood too! Now I wish we had stopped and said hello. We did drive by a couple of times, just like little kids. If that isn't embarrassing enough! It was sometime between 1990 and 1993.

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