Late in 1991, I was visting my cousin in Van Nuys, California for a couple of weeks over Christmas. One day, Brad and I pulled into a Wendy's restaurant drive-thru and noticed the car ahead of us had personalized plates bearing the name 'Kincade2'. My cousin and I discussed whether or not one of us should go up to the car to see if it might be Dave Madden. However, by the time we decided I should be the one to get a closer look, 'Kincade2' drove off. When we got to the pick-up window, I asked the women if she recognized the previous customer and she said 'why yes, that's the Partridge Family guy, he's here all the time.' I asked her what Dave had ordered and she told us 'same thing he always orders, Wendy's classic, small fries and small coke. That is my one and only brush with greatness!

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