I have been fortunate to meet DC on a few occasions and he has ALWAYS been gracious, sweet and kind. He really is a sensitive soul who cares about his fans. Here are some of my memories:


When I was 16, I was lucky enough to meet David on the PF set. (My half sister's mother had connections.) My sister Dona, her brother Jay and mom Jean accompanied me to the Columbia Ranch. The show was "None But the Lonely." I remember watching David perform the song "I've Been Alone Too Long." In between takes, David would play with little Ricky Segall on his lap. When the scene was over, David slipped out of the studio. We watched some other scenes but there was no more David. I thought I had lost my chance in meeting him. We went outside and took pictures of the PF bus. Who should be walking around outside -- without his shirt no less -- but David! I watched him put on his shirt (what a bonus!) and walk towards the lunch truck. He's carrying his lunch in both his hands (a Hawaiian Punch and a burrito) and walking towards us! I was so shy and nervous I couldn't say anything. I think all of us were too nervous to speak. But Jay came to my rescue. He called out: "Mr. Cassidy, my friend came over 3,000 miles to see you." He turned around, gave me the biggest smile and said: "Fantastic! Well, here I and my lunch!" He made us all laugh. He was so nice and so natural and sooooo cute! (And those of you who haven't met him, he's even better looking in person!) I just stared at him in awe unable to speak. Somehow they pushed me next to him and took my picture with him and his lunch. We all thanked him and he went on his way.


I was lucky enough to get 5 front row seats out of 6 EFX tickets I purchased. I just flew in from Boston and ran straight to the MGM theater.

For those who haven't seen EFX, David shakes hands with those in the front row. Well, when he came up to me, he asked me for my name. I just looked at him, oblivious to his question and blurted out: "I love you!" His face was 1 inch away from mine. I could have kissed him. He kept asking me for my name and all I could do was stare at his lips! Finally, I gained my composure and told him I was Megan and I just came in from Boston. He does an Elvis rendition of "Just Came In From Boston." Then he asks: "Really? You just got off the plane?" I said: "Yes, and I'm seeing you the next (10:30 PM) show, too." He yells out: "Everyone, please give a big hand to my friend Megan from Boston who came out to see me."

At the 2nd show, when he comes to the front row, he takes my hand, pulls me out of my chair, pulls me close to him and starts dancing with me! (You know what a BIG FLIRT David is!) Unfortunately, I can't dance and it's not working. (I was more like a "cling on" while he's trying to maneuver me.) I grabbed on to him and kissed his cheek, practically knocking off his microphone headset! The poor guy had to re-adjust himself! I was so embarrassed! I couldn't believe how I attacked him. But let's face it ladies, if you had the opportunity, wouldn't you try to steal a kiss, too?! Hmmmm...I thought so!

Each show I was at, he would keep saying: "Everybody, this is my friend Megan from Boston. Please give her a big hand." I became part of his act. By the 4th show, he just introduced me to the audience.

Now it is the 5th show and my last time sitting in the front row. I wanted so badly to kiss him but more importantly I wanted him to kiss me. I had to somehow get his attention. I wore my black PF T-shirt emblazed with 6 colorful partridges and the phrase "C'mon, Get Happy." I wore it under my turquoise blazer.

When he came up to me, he put my hand in both of his and said "Hello there." I opened up my blazer, revealing my T-shirt to him. He look at it and smiled. He took my hand and escorted me to the front of the stage. He announces "Everybody you have to see this T-shirt" and he pulls my blazer away for everyone to see. Then he sings a little rendition of "C'mon, Get Happy." Everybody laughed. He turned around, leaned over and KISSED ME ON THE LIPS!!! Then he escorted me back to my seat.

That's my Cinderalla story. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


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