It was 1980 or '81 and my friend Bill's parents gave Bill and his fiancee an engagement party. Bill's dad works in the movie industry and knew a lot of celebrities. Bill's brother David brought a friend to the party--- Danny Bonaduce! I recognized him right off and introduced myself. He was a very pleasant fellow, and we hung out together that night. Me and Danny took advantage of the liberal amounts of champagne flowing, and got fairly snockered. We ended up out in front of the house, polishing off a bottle, but feeling the need for something else -- so I asked danny if he wanted to smoke a joint. He said "sure! Why didn't you say so earlier??" So.....we did, and had a blast. As I recall, we were the last to leave that party. I never saw him again. Mind you, this was before his notoriety. I certainly don't think I was the one who led him down the wrong path; he clearly had been there before. But he was a nice guy, and seeing your webpage brought back a fun memory...thanks for listening.

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