I've been fortunate to have several brushes with velvet, with a number of cast members from my favorite show of all-time!

Shirley Jones was giving a concert in Burbank, so of course I bought tickets in the hopes of meeting her and getting autographs on a half dozen or so cherished momentos. Since this was a fundraiser, she was approachable after the show, and I was fortunate enough to give her an animation cel from the Partridge Cartoon, which she has since posted on her website. She seemed genuinely touched and agreed to a few autographs and some photos! A few months later I saw a taping of the Drew Carey Show, where once again she was a real class act!!

David Cassidy was giving a small concert at Tower Records to promote the release of his new CD, "Old Trick New Dog" and I dragged a few friends to wait in line for the afternoon. I had a cel I wanted to give him as well, hoping to get a few autographs on some Partridge memorabilia. I knew he was bitter and tired of the Partridge days, but I wasn't expecting such a severe response to my requests. When I placed a PF photo down, as well as the new CD, he turned to a store associate and whispered, "I'm not signing this crap! CDs only!" Now, I understand his pain with the past, and realize he was there to promote a new CD, not a 30 year old tv show. But if he thinks anybody would have been there had there not been a little show called the Partridge Family, he's dilusional. Can you tell I'm bitter as well???

Dave Madden was probably the most approachable of the bunch. A friend of mine is a neighbor of his, and while they didn't know each other, the two of us went up to Dave's door one Saturday afternoon with an armful of autograph requests. Unfortunately he wasn't home, but we left a note with our phone numbers. Imagine my surprise when he phoned my home inviting me and my friend to come back the next day for a chat!!?? It was an afternoon that I will treasure always. He even opened up his personal photo albums from the PF days and let us each pick a photo to take with us. He told great stories and was more than gracious to two guys who invaded his privacy on a Sunday afternoon!!

Well, 3 down, 4 to go!!

Thanks for listening!


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