Christine, Lynne, and Sue

We had the opportunity to meet David after his show "At the Copa."  We were escorted downstairs by Robyn (Production Coordinator) and taken to David's Dressing Room.  The receiving room was modest with a leather sofa and love of David during various times during his career (70's concerts, Rolling Stone picture, Blood Brothers and 97 Billboard Awards). 
There was an entertainment center and on one of the shelves was a collection of gifts he had gotten from fans (including the DC guitar that was given by some of the regular posters on the message board - Christine & Lynne who were with me). Finally, David entered the room....he was wearing Adidas pants and a long denim shirt. We were greeted warmly by David and he asked each of our names and repeated them as if he wanted to remember them and shook each of our hands respectively. We each took an individual picture with David and he had Robyn take two (just in case one of them didn't turn out). When it came to my turn I was not sure I would be able to walk over there (my knees at this point felt like spaghetti noodles) and I actually said I didn't think I could make it. David smiled and assured me that I could.  We took the picture. Then we took several pictures of the group of us together. David thanked us for coming to the show and supporting Kidscharities.  We mentioned we saw him in Atlantic City and he commented "Wasn't that fun!"  I then presented David with a gift and knowing how I have heard he doesn't particularly like to receive gifts from fans I told him how much his music has meant so much to me over the last 30 years I wanted to give him a gift of music in return.  I gave him a Jimi Hendrix Box Set and he was genuinely touched and grateful.  I mentioned that I knew Jimi was one of his first musical influences and hoped that he still enjoyed his music.  He mentioned he had been listening to Jimi in his car for the last several weeks and talked about Jimi briefly.  He then hugged me and thanked me for the sweet gesture and his thank you was very genuine.  We then said our goodbyes and David was immediately on the phone conducting business.  We had our picture taken outside his dressing room with the "David Cassidy" plaque clearly visible.  We went to the Copa shows the following three nights after and received many friendly warm smiles, hugs, handshakes, etc.  At one point during the last night of our Vegas stay at our last Copa show he pointed to us and said, "I love you guys."  After being a fan of David's for 31 years (my first experience being his appearance on Marcus Welby and not PF), I  was thrilled to have the opportunity to finally meet him.  He was very warm, sweet, friendly and full of smiles.  All of us are happy to have had such a wonderful moment with David....he was everything I had envisioned he would be.  Whatever the future holds, I will remain a fan of his for as long as the man chooses to keep entertaining us.

Written by Sue aka KeithsBabe (with permission from Lynne and Christine)

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