Susan and Alexa

In September of 2003 I had tickets to see David in Ocean City, Maryland.  We encountered hurricane Isabelle two days prior to the concert and they had to move the concert indoors rather than on the beach.  We nearly had to cancel due to my cousin's house being destroyed in the hurricane.  Just as I was about to cancel the tickets online my (then 7 years old) daughter says "I'll go with you Mom".  I said no she wouldn't like it etc. etc.  But she insisted.  So off we went from Baltimore to Ocean City (a 3 hr drive).  She absolutely loved the show and kept running up to take pictures...she was hooked.  She wanted to go backstage to see him, but obviously there was no way.  She ended up meeting the band and they gave her their backstage pass and a guitar pick along with their autographs.  On the way home she says..."Mom, I heard him say he's playing in Baltimore tomorrow, can we go?"  Of course I immediately said no, that we didn't have tickets and it would be too expensive.  She wouldn't let up!  Finally my husband said, just take her.  So there we were, again on our way to another David Cassidy concert.  This time he played at the Turf Valley Country Club, it was a much smaller room.  At one point I gave her a sharpie pen and the cover of David's "Then and Now" CD and sent her up to the stage.  Well, not only did he sign it, but she got to go up on the stage, held the microphone for him and got a kiss!  From that point on she was a total David my 5 yr old wants to know when we are going...if only he'd perform close to here!  Anyway, that's my story (well, not mine exactly).  I've also attached a few pics.

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