During my pre and early teens, I had a HUGE crush on Susan Dey. I finally got to meet her in May 1984. I heard she was to be a guest on a local morning talk show here in San Diego. I flew down there the next morning and sat in the small section of bleachers they have for the audience. I was talking with someone next to me about how much I had liked her during the Partridge days. It turns out that he was a friend of hers and when she came onto the set, he introduced me to her! The thing that struck me was that she was as tall as I was (When I was was smaller, I always pictured her being much taller). She was very sweet.

She was there to help promote a book written by a nun (named "Vince" is all I can remember) who was physically and mentally abused through her life. They was going to be at a book signing the next day at a local book store.

I went down there and when Susan showed up she saw me and said "We'll look who's here!" She came with her daughter and signed books with the nun. I guess a movie about it starring Susan Dey was in the planning stages, obviously it never got off the ground. A lot of people were commenting on her then-blonde locks. She denied ever coloring her hair and said it just photographed brown on TV (she seemed to be a little annoyed after 4 or 5 people mentioned it). She would jokingly reply to guys who said "I used to have the biggest crush on you", with "What, you don't anymore?"

I had my picture taken with her and got my book signed but I lent the book to someone and I'm not sure I got it back as all my books are now in storage. But I'll remember that as one of three days for me when big dreams came true!!

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