I met David a couple of times. The first time was in Akron, Ohio in 1984 when he was touring in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. After the show, he was at a table to sign autographs. Girls (well, as old as they were, I guess they were women) were going crazy, grabbing him and kissing him. When it was my turn, I politely asked for a kiss and he said if he kissed me he would have to kiss everyone (I should have just grabbed him like some of the others did.) He was very nice about it though, I was so excited I cried and almost ran into a door. I went around and got in line again and he laughed the next time I came through. Later in the evening, we were at a hotel and he came out of a door and saw me. He came right over to me and kissed me and said "there is the kiss you asked for earlier." The girl he was with wasn't too thrilled, but he was soooo sweet.

The second time I met David was in Augusta GA, in 1990 when he was doing promos for "Lyin to Myself". The radio station announced that he was there so I headed down. When I arrived, the lobby was filled with women who were hoping to see David. I asked where he was, like I had every right to know, and they told me to go on back. David and I talked together for about a half an hour before those other women figured out that they could come back too. He was wonderful. He had his picture taken with me and let me hold that famous signet ring of his - it was great.

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