Written by Dale McRaven
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Bob Claver
Original Air Date: February 18, 1972

Danny is in love for the first time -- with an 11-year old girl named Gloria Hickey. He thinks he hates her and constantly hits her with mudballs and his fist, but his family sees that he has a big crush on her. When Gloria visits the Partridge family to sell them cookies, Danny buys 12 boxes for $1 apiece. After he is teased, Danny runs up to his room and Shirley follows to talk to him. Danny confesses he gets a yearning every time he sees Gloria -- an overwhelming desire to run up and grab her and punch her in the arm. Shirley assures he he is perfectly normal.

Danny wants to ask Gloria to the 6th grade dance and tries to seek advice from Keith and Laurie. He's really afraid to make the move. Just then, Gloria rings the doorbell and Danny dashes away. She has come over to ask a Partridge to the dance -- but unfortunately not Danny.  It seems she is in love with  Keith.

Danny learns the truth and makes life miserable for Keith, the "housewrecker." First he kicks Keith in the shins, then puts molasses on his comb, short-sheets his bed and pours corn flakes all over him while he sleeps. The next night Danny sneaks into Keith's room and writes "Danny Loves Gloria" on Keith's chest in indelible ink. Keith has had it!

Shirley tries to console Danny and tells him not to be a quitter. Danny decides he'll fight for his girl and bursts in as Keith is just about to refuse Gloria. Danny is aggressive, Keith insults Gloria unintentionally and she runs away hurt. The next day Gloria returns to tell Danny that she doesn't love Keith after all -- and asks Danny to take her to the dance. Danny is in his glory when his family tries to pump him for details of their date. He finally tells them it ended with a punch in the arm.

"I Would Have Loved You Anyway," music and lyrics by Tony Romeo (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Gloria Hickey ------------------------------------------- Patti Cohoon

Tube Trivia:
- Patti Cohoon also played Gloria Hickey in Episode 55. She was a regular on "Apple's Way."
- This episode was directed by series Executive Producer, Bob Claver. To read our exclusive interview with Bob Claver, click here!
- "Blind Hope," David Cassidy's second single from his "Cherish" album is in stores the week this episode aired! It peaked at #37 on March 25, 1972.

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