Written by Charlotte Brown
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Russ Mayberry
Original Air Date: December 29, 1972

The Partridge house just doesn't seem big enough -- they need more bathrooms and just more room in general! Reuben takes Shirley to look at a new, larger house. The Partridge house is home to her, so Shirley doesn't really want to move, but all the kids are very anxious to. They put their house up for sale, with Reuben acting as real estate agent. After a week without even one "looker", Reuben and Danny cook up a scheme for "open house" with the Partridge Family.

The open house is like a carnival -- hundreds of people show up. As the family overhears various disparaging remarks about their home from the visitors, they begin to realize just how much the house means to them. Just as the kids tell Shirley that they don't want to move either, Reuben arrives with the news that he's sold the house

When the buyers, Mr. & Mrs. Sharp come to look the house over, the kids sabotage the plumbing, the doors and the windows to make it seem like the house is falling apart. They confess that they did it because they don't want to move, but the Sharps still want the house and they've signed the papers.

With two weeks to move, they learn that someone else bought the new house, so if Reuben can't manage to get it, they have nowhere to go. The Sharps arrive with the news that they don't want the house -- everyone sees through their reasons and realizes that they'd feel bad if the kids had to move against their will. Reuben ruins the happy moment with the news that he has managed to buy the other house. He makes a deal with the owner to release them from their contract if the Partridge Family will entertain at his son's birthday party, so the Partridges get to keep their home after all.

"As Long As You're There," Music and Lyrics by Adam Miller (on Notebook)

Guest Cast:
Mr. Sharp -------------------------------------------- Bert Freed
Mrs. Sharp ------------------------------------------- Lurene Tuttle
Girl --------------------------------------------------- Donna Lynne
Mrs. Gibson ------------------------------------------ Marilyn Childs
Ed Hoffsteader ---------------------------------------  Bobby Baum
Gloria Hoffsteader ------------------------------------ Maxine Stewart
Father ------------------------------------------------ Gordon Jump
Mother ----------------------------------------------- Sari Price
Gwen ------------------------------------------------- Susan Neher
The Woman ------------------------------------------- Robin Raymond

Tube Trivia:
- Maxine Stuart played Mrs. Damion in Episode 43 and Miss Halstead in Episode 92.
- Gordon Jump starred as Mr. Carlson in "WKRP in Cincinnati" and currently plays the Maytag Repairman in TV commercials. He also appeared in Episodes 1, 34, 47, 56, 78, and 87.
- Sari Price also appeared in Episodes 36 and 73. She was Shirley Jones' stand-in.
- Susan Neher was a regular in "To Rome With Love," with John Forsythe and "Getting Together," with Bobby Sherman and Wes Stern. She also appeared in Episode 74.
- Writer Charlotte Brown also wrote for "The Doris Day Show," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Rhoda," "The Bob Newhart Show," and "Veronica's Closet. She has directed episodes of "The Tortellis," "The Associates," "Rhoda," and "Archie Bunker's Place." She was the Executive Producer of "Kirk," starring Kirk Cameron.
- Look closely at the Open House booth that Danny has set up. Actual Partridge Family albums are leaning against the base, as well as David Cassidy's "Rock Me Baby" solo effort.

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