Written by George Tibbles & William S. Bickley
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Richard Kinon
Original Air Date: September 15, 1973

The Partridges are practicing in the garage when a little boy walks in and begins to applaud. He introduces himself as Ricky Stevens, the new next-door neighbor, who wants to be a big singing star. They let him watch while they rehearse and suddenly there's a knock at the door. It's the local policeman with a complaint from a Mrs. Doris Stevens about the "noise" they are making. Ricky admits Doris Stevens is his mother.

Shirley goes over to try and settle the problem about their rehearsing and finds that Mrs. Stevens is immovable. She does not like show business or anyone connected with it and she does not want the Partridges to practice in their garage. In desperation Shirley calls Reuben, who tries to charm Mrs. Stevens. Reuben is a complete failure.

The Partridge children call a meeting with Ricky and his teenaged sister, Donna, and they decide to hold a family picnic to try to make peace between the two mothers. The picnic gradually becomes a fiasco and Shirley leaves in anger, taking the children to start their concert in the park pavilion.

During the concert, the Partridges are surprised to see Mrs. Stevens and her two children come in during the performance. Keith invites Ricky up to sing a song that he has been secretly rehearsing with them. While Ricky is singing, his mother sees how much he enjoys it and how much the audience enjoys him and she finally relents in her attitude towards show people. She even lets Keith take her daughter Donna to the movies!

"I'll Never Get Over You" Music & Lyrics by by Tony Romeo (on Bulletin Board)
"Sooner or Later" (Ricky) Music & Lyrics by Rick Segall (on Ricky Segall & the Segalls)

Guest Cast:
Ricky --------------------------------------------------------- Ricky Segall
Doris Stevens ---------------------------------------------- Nita Talbot
Donna ------------------------------------------------------- Ronne Troup
Sam ---------------------------------------------------------- Theodore Wilson

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