Written by Dale McRaven
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Original Air Date: September 22, 1973

Keith wants a date with Dina, the new girl in school, but Laurie tell him she has warned Dina about his reputation and the new girl won't go out with him.

Furious, Keith comes up with a scheme. He writes a letter to Laurie's "advice to teenagers" column in the local paper, saying he's new in town and wants to make friends, and signing it "Onely" (the capital L on his typewriter doesn't work). He hopes Laurie will arrange a date between Onely and Dina.

The scheme is about to work when Laurie discovers the missing L on Keith's typewriter and realizes who Onely really is. With help from Shirley and Reuben, she convinces Keith that she thinks the letter writer is unbalanced. She then completes her revenge by arranging a date between Onely and Dina, whom she has filled in on Keith's original scheme.

When Keith meets Dina, Laurie is with her and the whole story comes out. Keith apologizes and Dina, who is flattered, accepts a date for the next evening. It appears that Keith has won, until he returns from the date, miffed. Dina put him in his place.

"Alone Too Long" music by Mark James, lyrics by Cynthia Weil (on Bulletin Board).
"Bicycle Song" (Ricky) music & lyrics by Rick Segall (on Rick Segall & the Segalls).

Guest Cast:
Dina ------------------------------------------------------ Kathleen Cody
Mark ------------------------------------------------------ Mike Rupert
Scotty ---------------------------------------------------- Gary Morgan

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