Written by Paul Lichtman & Howard Storm
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Herb Wallerstein
Original Air Date: November 3, 1973

Shirley receives an unexpected invitation to dinner, from Howard Lipton, the presidential ambassador and well-known ladies man. It seems he's visiting San Pueblo, on his way to talks in China, and he remembers her from a previous short meeting. On the big night, Lipton shows up two hours late for the date and then spends more than half the evening on the phone with world dignitaries.

When Shirley gets a second request for a date, she turns him down, explaining that she really didn't have a very good time. Lipton's ego is crushed.

The diplomat showers Shirley with gifts from around the world, trying to make her reconsider her decision. Shirley is being hounded by newspapermen and ostracized by her neighbors, but she refuses to give in unless Lipton visits her in person to ask for a date. When Lipton finally agrees, Shirley sets up the terms for a date -- the ambassador must come and spend a quiet dinner in the Partridge home, with no interrupting phone calls.

During the evening, Lipton completely enjoys himself, being away from work pressures for a while. He even attends the family's concert the next evening and afterwards, takes Shirley out alone, to Muldoon's Point for a little sightseeing.

"How Long Is Too Long," music and lyrics by John Bahler and Tony Asher (on Bulletin Board)
"What Kind of Noise Do You Make?," music and lyrics by Rick Segall (on Ricky Segall and the Segalls)

Guest Cast:
Howard Lipton ---------------------------------------------------- Richard Mulligan
Roger Harper ------------------------------------------------------ Pat Harrington, Jr.
Mrs. Hendleman --------------------------------------------------- Florida Friebus
Newsman ----------------------------------------------------------- Ray Buktenica

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