Written by Bill Manhoff
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Original Air Date: November 10, 1973

Keith enrolls in a Sociology class in college and discovers one of his favorite subjects, a beautiful girl, 23-year-old Dory Kimmel. He maneuvers his way into working on a class project with her. After a study session with Dory at the Partridge home, Keith announces to his mother that he's finally found his true love in an older woman, Dory. As their work together continues, Keith becomes completely infatuated and believes that Dory feels the same way about him. But he's totally stunned when he learns that Dory is married.

An unhappy Keith confides to his mother that he thinks Dory is going to leave her husband for him. When Shirley confronts Dory with this bit of news, it's Dory's turn to be stunned. She likes Keith as a friend but she's truly in love with her husband. She has to find a way of telling him the truth without hurting his feelings.

Dory finally decides to invite Keith over for dinner to meet her husband and see how happy they are. Keith arrives for the dinner, expecting Dory's husband to slug him, but learns instead that he's been misunderstanding Dory's friendship.

When Keith goes home, he puts on an act for the family on how he's sacrificed himself to save Dory's marriage. But everyone sees through him and understands that he's just trying to save his wounded ego.

"I Heard You Singing Your Song," music and lyrics by Barry Mann (on Bulletin Board)
"A Secret In My Heart," (Ricky) music and lyrics by Rick Segall (not released on a commercial LP)

Guest Cast:
Dory ---------------------------------------------------------- Brooke Bundy
Professor Boone ---------------------------------------------- Ivor Francis
Glenn --------------------------------------------------------- Paul Jenkins
Feder --------------------------------------------------------- Larry Wilcox
Jerry ---------------------------------------------------------- Mwako Cumbuka
Lois ----------------------------------------------------------- Maggie Roswell
Cute Girl ------------------------------------------------------ Sandy Schrader

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