Written by William J. Keenan
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Original Air Date: December 8, 1973

Shirley, advertising for a maid, has an unexpected applicant, her mother, Amanda Renfrew. It seems Shirley's parents are fighting again and Amanda has decided to move out and become the family's maid. By the end of the week, the family is exhausted because they are trying to get all the work done before Grandma sees it. They decide the have to get the battling grandparents back together again so they can get some rest.

Shirley invites her father to dinner but he insults her mother and the war is on again. This time the whole family gets involved as the girls are fighting with the boys on who is the most independent. The women are getting along very well but the men are starving as Grandpa is doing the cooking. Keith and Danny cook up a scheme to have the house invaded by a burglar. The boys will then rescue the women and all will be forgiven, again. They appoint Reuben as the fake burglar. Shirley learns of their scheme and has the police arrest the "burglar." Shirley, now angry over the shenanigans her parents are instigating, sits them down and tells them to work it out or else. When the family comes down to breakfast the next morning, they find Grandma and Grandpa in each others' arms on the couch. Everything is finally back to normal.

"Working On A Groovy Thing," music and lyrics by Neil Sedaka and Chet Atkins (unreleased on commercial LP) (Screen Gems Volume 9)
"Grandma (We Love You Just The Way You Are)," (Ricky) music and lyrics by Rick Segall (unreleased on commercial LP)

Guest Cast:
Walter Renfrew ---------------------------------------- Jackie Coogan
Amanda Renfrew -------------------------------------- Rosemary DeCamp
Cop --------------------------------------------------- John Dennis
Mrs. Argyle ------------------------------------------- Ysabel MacCloskey

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