Written by William S. Bickley
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Original Air Date: November 24, 1973

Reuben Kincaid's nephew, Alan, comes to live with him to be his assistant. It's evident right from the start that Alan is eager to learn but he's always failed at everything. He suffers from shyness and a total lack of confidence. Keith and Laurie try to build him up and find out what he really would like to be. Alan confides that he wants to be a comedian but he's terrified of audiences. When he does some of his act for them, they discover he's really funny but he's too afraid to try.

Alan gets a chance to show what he's learned about managing when Reuben can't go with the family on a club date. Alan will manage the family all by himself for two days.

Everything goes smoothly, until Alan loses his notebook with all the itinerary written in it. Then the date becomes a total disaster. Alan loses the costumes at the cleaners, fouls up their dinner reservations and then, in a grand finale, turns out the lights during the Partridges' performance.

Alan confesses the loss of the notebook to the family and says it just proves he's a failure again. Shirley decides that Alan should have a chance to do what he does best, tell jokes, by appearing with them at the club. Reuben has his misgivings but, when Alan hears the audience laugh at his first joke, he relaxes and is a smash. Shirley tells Reuben that he's lost an assistant but gained a client.

"That's the Way It Is With You," music and lyrics by Harriet Schoch (on Bulletin Board)
"I'm Into Something Good," music and lyrics by Gerry Goffin and Carole King (unreleased on commercial LP) (Screen Gems Volume 8)

Guest Cast:
Alan Kincaid ----------------------------------------------- Alan Bursky
Maitre'd ---------------------------------------------------- Gino Conforti
Chef -------------------------------------------------------- Rod Gist

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