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Welcome to the Partridge Family Bulletin Board!

The Bulletin Board is very simple to use. While anyone can visit and read the posts, we have required that users register if they want to post, so just click on the REGISTER link. It is free, very quick and your information is not given out or sold or put on any mailing lists. This helps to keep offensive users from disturbing our community.

We also have an activity policy in place. On the first of every month, we will check user status. Anyone who has registered yet never logged in, or registered yet never posted, will be purged from the system. Those persons are, of course, then welcome to re-register and (hopefully) begin participating. Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.

When you enter, you'll first see the main screen, which will show you all the forum categories and topics. Just click on one to join the discussion. If you want to post something, you can click on NEW POST (which starts a new conversation), or click on one of the existing conversations (threads) and hit REPLY to make your own comment about a particular topic. If you need more help, there is a FAQ link at the top of every page that has useful information.

Discussions on the Bulletin Board range are sometimes volatile, sometimes controversial, but always interesting, so the Bulletin Board benefits from a few guidelines to keep things running smoothly and happily for all concerned. Above all, tho: Enjoy, Discuss, and even Disagree, but please keep in mind your manners.

Many of the often-asked questions about the Partridge Family can be found by visiting our FAQ PAGE. The message board also has a SEARCH function that you can use to see if your question has already been asked. You may also discover answers to questions by browsing through the site, which is divided into different categories (for example, music and song questions may be answered in the ALBUM GUIDE section; DVD and episode questions may be answered in the EPISODE AND VIDEO GUIDE section, etc.). Besides, if you don't explore, how will know how groovy a place it is around here? You can access the rest of the site by returning to the front page.

And now, on to the guidelines. Ready?

1. Keep in mind that cast and crew members, as well as their family & friends may see the messages you post, even if they themselves choose not to post. Please use common courtesy when speaking about people who are not here to voice their opinions themselves. Unfortunately, some people feel that participation in cyberspace activities gives them the permission to say and do things they would not normally do in everyday life. Whether it is a fellow poster or someone connected with the show, we ask that you think twice before you hit the "post message" button, always asking yourself "is this something I would say if I were face to face with this person"? Many times the answer is "no". If in doubt, sleep on it, then see if it still sounds right the next day.

2. While your real name is always preferable, you may also choose whatever name you wish when posting on the board (Partridge-themed names are popular, of course!), but under NO circumstances should you intentionally impersonate another poster.

3. Keep profanity to an absolute minimum. This is an all-ages message board and we'd like to maintain a somewhat PG-13 level of discourse. Truly offensive vulgarities are automatically banned from the board and you will not be able to post messages containing them.

4. No spam. Spam is defined as any message which does not relate to the topic of the message board and is solely posted to advertise a personal site, a personal sales transaction or auction, a money-making scheme, a chain letter, or something of that nature.

5. No Pornography.  This is a family-friendly message board.  Pornography includes any nude or vulgar images or vulgar descriptions of private/intimate actions.  Such messages should NEVER be posted and will likely get your IP address banned.

6. There is no rule #6.

7. No Flames or Insults. Blatantly insulting behavior is prohibited. Tempers may run high, but keep all discussions civil, please. "Flame War" threads will usually be deleted without warning and repeated offenses will likely get your IP address banned.

8. Off-topic discussions are, for the most part, welcome until they start to monopolize a thread or the board. When instructed by one of the moderators to end a thread, please do so. Taking it to private e-mail is usually the best solution.

9. No cross posting, please. Post your message once to the appropriate forum and nowhere else, or it will be deleted without warning.

10. The moderators reserve the privilege of banning any offenders from the board, temporarily or permanently, without warning. An offender may be warned or may not, also at the moderators' discretion. It is preferred that bannings not be discussed on the board.  Those are matters best left to email between the poster and the moderators. If one has a question about their banning they should e-mail the moderators for explanations (moderators' e-mail addresses are located at the bottom of this page).

11. While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

12. Don't eat broken glass! Sheesh!  What are ya, nuts??!!

Thank you for your cooperation in making this a "C'mon, Get Happy" kind of place.  And remember, "Mom always said, don't play ball in the house." 

Oops! Wrong show! :-)

If you have any questions, feel free to email the moderators.


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