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77-1 "My Son, The Spaceball Star" (11/30/74) 
To avoid his mother's disappointment, Danny pretends to be on the spaceball team. But when the team member who lent Danny his uniform comes to retreive it, the truth comes out. Both Danny and his mother learn a lesson about expectations, love, and telling the truth. Song: "Gypsy Girl"
Additional Cast: Coach/Stadium Announcer: John Stephenson; Charlie Nova: Frank Welker; Ken: Don Messick
Toon Trivia: Frank Welker played a boy named "Sioux" in episode #44 of the prime-time series, "My Heart Belongs To A Two Car Garage".

77-2 "Danny, The Invisible Man" (9/7/74) 
In order to impress a girl, Danny does some tricks with an invisibility gadget from Pluto. Unfortunately, the "side effects" start catching up with him back on earth. As pieces of Danny start to disappear at embarrasing times, Freddie the Magician realizes how his own act was inexplicably fouled up, and Danny promises to get rid of the gadget. Song: "Keep Rockiní On"
Additional Cast: Robot/Molex Salesman/Robot Bouncer/Announcer: Lennie Weinrib; Freddie: Micky Dolenz; Judy/Parrot: Joan Gerber
Toon Trivia: Micky Dolenz appeared on "The Monkees". This is the last appearance of Susan Dey as Laurie.

77-3 "The Incredible Shrinking Keith" (9/21/74) 
Danny's unfinished invention throws a spray of sparks on Keith, shrinking him to pint size. Keith is furious, but his visiting fans from Minitravia are overjoyed to find Keith their own size. Danny vows to throw away the mechanism, but Keith manages to get a second spray, this time landing him ten feet tall! Song: "You Make It So Easy"
Additional Cast: Motor Cop/Clerk: John Stephenson; Girl # 1 & Girl # 2: Joan Gerber; Minitravians: Joan Gerber, Julie McWhirter
Toon Trivia: Sherry Alberoni takes over as the voice of Laurie.

77-4 "If This Is Texas -- It Must Be Doomsday" (9/14/74) 
The Partridges' show in Texxas is a lifetime engagement, according to Texx Comet, owner, Mayor, sheriff, and cattle-rustler of the island, "Texxas". The family manages to escape only after their musical talents takes a purposeful decline into wails and screeches, and Texx evicts them. Song: "Love My Life Away With You"
Additional Cast: Texx Comet/Miney/Jet Stream: Hal Smith; Bartender/Patron #1/Meany/Square Shooter Sam: Frank Welker; Patron #2: Joan Gerber; Moe/Event Coordinator/Announcer: John Stephenson
Toon Trivia: Hal Smith portrayed Otis on "The Andy Griffith Show".

77-5 "Cousin Sunspot" (9/28/74) 
An electronic voice changer transforms Cousin Sunspot into a tolerable member of the Partridge Family act, until its side effects begin to appear: Cousin Sunspot becomes a giant chicken! The Partridge Family's concert is saved from disaster as the inventor arrives just in time to reverse the reaction. Cousin Sunspot decides that show business on earth is too hectic for him and returns to his home planet. Song: "Later On"
Additional Cast: Cousin Sunspot Partridge: Allan Melvin; Rover/Professor Vilhelm/Sam Steller/Newscaster: John Stephenson; Space Ranger: Lennie Weinrib
Toon Trivia: Cousin Sunspot is voiced by Allan Melvin, who portrayed Sam the Butcher on "The Brady Bunch". He also voiced Magilla Gorilla for Hanna-Barbera.

77-6 "The Dog Catcher" (10/12/74) 
With Danny's coaching, Orbit eludes the town dog catcher by disguising himself as a janitor, a dancer, and bass drum in order to avoid paying for a dog license. But when Danny gets a cheaper vehicle license for Orbit, claiming he is not a dog, but a means of transportation, the dog catcher/meter maid has the final triumph, ticketing Orbit for a parking violation. Song: "One More Chance".
Additional Cast: Dog Catcher: Hal Smith
Toon Trivia: Hanna-Barberaís Recording Director was none other than Gordon Hunt, a respected Hollywood Director, and father of Helen Hunt.

77-7 "The Wax Museum" (10/5/74) 
Two interplanetary thieves rob Madame Mussaud's Wax Museum of its new Partridge Family figurines, aiming to create a duplicate Partridge Family act and make a fortune on other planets. Orbit switches the planned getaway vehicle (Reuben's stolen rocket), with a kiddie ride rocket, and the thieves' short ride ends in capture. Song: "Take Good Care Of Her".
Additional Cast: Madame Mussaud: Joan Gerber; Louie: Alan Oppenheimer; Hardhead: John Stephenson; Space Ranger: Lennie Weinrib; Gas Station Attendant: Frank Welker
Toon Trivia: The song, "Take Good Care Of Her" is a cover of the same song from The Partridge Family "Notebook" Album. Alan Oppenheimer appeared in episodes 16, 70, and 87 of the prime time series

77-8 "Laurie's Computer Date" (10/26/74) 
After Keith and Danny scare away Laurie's date to the Harvest Ball, she forces them to cancel their own dates, in order to take her. To get out of their obligation, Keith and Danny arrange for a computer date, which arrives as a clumsy robot named Stanley Steel. Song: "Suzy, Don't Give Me Your Number."
Additional Cast: Stanley Steel/Mr. Spaceout: Lennie Weinrib; Conn Trail: Frank Welker; Robot Sister #1/Robot Sister #2: Joan Gerber
Toon Trivia: Lennie Weinrib was also the voice of H.R. Pufnstuf. He also appeared as Magic Mongo in the Sid & Marty Krofft series of the same name.

77-9: "Movie Madness" (11/2/74)
Danny's newest invention crash lands the family rocket in Hollywood, where Keith is drafted to replace the star of a movie. Success goes to his head though, and the family almost loses it's lead singer to an acting career. Song: "Keep Rockiní On"
Additional Cast: Gustov Von Solar: Paul Winchell; Ronnie Retro: Frank Welker; Barbra Starstruck: Sherry Alberoni
Toon Trivia: Paul Winchell is a well-known ventriloquist who performed with his dummies, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith.

77-10: "The Pink Letter" (11/9/74) 
Laurie's new boyfriend cancels their date, giving her cause to write him an angry letter. He later calls with a good excuse, but only after Danny has mailed the furious letter. Danny and Keith recapture the letter, only to find Laurie's fury substantiated. To make matters worse, they then receive a summons from the postal inspector for illegal tampering with the mail. Song: "Gypsy Girl"
Additional Cast: Inspector Doogan: Don Messick; Randy Moon: Frank Welker; Alice: Julie McWhirter
Toon Trivia: Don Messick is also the voice of Scooby-Doo, Ranger Smith, Muttley, and countless other Hanna-Barbera stars.

77-11: "Cupcake Caper" (10/19/74) 
Crumbling every cake sold at a Charity Bazaar fails to turn up the ring Shirley lost while baking. Suspense mounts as her mother announces a visit to see Shirley wearing her latest gift. To everyone's surprise, the ring emerges miraculously in a cookie baked specially for Grandma's visit. Song: "You Make It So Easy"
Additional Cast: Shirleyís Mother: Julie McWhirter; Bazaar Patron/Security Guard: Joan Gerber; Florentino: Frank Welker
Toon Trivia: Julie McWhirter, the well-known female impressionist is married to radio star (and "Disco Duck" singer) Rick Dees.
No mention is made of Shirley's father, or their last name, Renfrew.

77-12: "Orbit the Genius" (11/16/74) 
Orbit's career as a genius on a TV quiz show is short circuited when he is stolen by a two-headed foreign agent named Mr. Gemini. During chase, the family's rescue mission succeeds after they split up and Gemini's two personalities conflict over which direction to chase. Song: "Love My Life Away With You"
Additional Cast: Game Show Host/Dotto: John Stephenson; Ditto: Frank Welker
Toon Trivia: Frank Welker is also the voice of Fred on "Scooby-Doo".

77-13: "The Switch" (11/23/74) 
When Danny pulls the lever on Dr. Binkey's Molecular Transformer, Keith and a gorilla switch bodies! The Family does its show with a crowd-pleasing addition. Danny gets his due as Veenie mistakenly flips the switch while Danny and a pig are demontsrating the machine. Song: "Late At Night".
Additional Cast: Dr. Binkey/Man/Doctor: Allan Melvin; Space Ranger: John Stephenson
Toon Trivia: One of this seriesí writers was Rance Howard, father of Ron Howard ("Happy Days") and Clint Howard ("Gentle Ben").

77-14: "Car Trouble" (12/7/74) 
Danny's new rocket license and subsequent crashes while using Keith's rocket land him in debt for the next twenty years with repair bills, car rentals, and paint jobs. Song: "One More Chance".
Additional Cast: Repair Robot: Frank Welker; Space Ranger/Rocket Painter: John Stephenson
Toon Trivia: John Stephenson, the voice of Reuben Kincaid, also provides the voice for Doggie Daddy.

77-15: "The Roobits" (12/14/74) 
Danny's get-rich scheme of raising cute interplanetary pets called Roobits backfires when they reproduce at an alarming rate. To settle the problem, the family offers a free Roobit to all attending their sold-out concert. Song: "Suzy, Don't Give Me Your Number".
Additional Cast: Mother/Woman/Concertgoer: Joan Gerber; Scootch: Mickey Dolenz; Man # 1/Zoo Worker/Announcer: Paul Winchell
Toon Trivia: The theme of this episode is reminiscent of the prime-time episode, "Tale of Two Hamsters" as well as the classic Star Trek episode, "Trouble With Tribbles". Paul Winchell is credited with inventing the artificial heart valve. He is also the voice of Dick Dastardly and Gargamel (Smurfs).

77-16: "Let's All Stick Together" (12/21/74)
While helping with the housecleaning, Danny unknowingly disposes of a priceless antique entrusted to Shirley for safekeeping. When it is returned broken, the whole family becomes stuck together by a new super-glue formula. Song: "Take Good Care Of Her".
Additional Cast: Mrs. Nebuli: Joan Gerber; Trash Collector/Johann Fliegelmyer: John Stephenson; Trash Collector #2: Frank Welker
Toon Trivia: The song, "Take Good Care Of Her" is a cover of the same song from The Partridge Family "Notebook" Album.

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