Written by Lloyd Turner & Gordon Mitchell
Produced by Mel Swope
Directed by Ross Bowman
Original Air Date: November 17, 1973

Danny gets caught trying to sneak into a movie theater without a ticket and the police bring him home. Shirley punished Danny for his dishonesty by taking away his movie privileges for a month. Danny, depressed about is punishment, begins to write down every instance when other members of the family tell a lie or are dishonest. Later he confronts them with his notes. Shirley, trying to teach Danny a lesson, proposes that the family try to be completely honest for 24 hours.

As the day of honesty progresses, everyone, including Shirley, gets into trouble when they have to tell the truth. But Danny, seeking revenge, keeps them all in line. Then Danny is faced with the problem of having to tell Laurie that basketball player Jim Benson has cancelled his date with her for another girl and he lies, rather than hurt Laurie's feelings.

Danny confides to his mother about his lie and offers to do another 24 hours of honesty. But Shirley feels that Danny has finally learned his lesson about how people's feelings are sometimes more important than the truth.

When Laurie learns the truth about the broken date, she thanks Danny for trying to save her feelings and say's she's proud to have him for a brother.

"Roller Coaster," music and lyrics by Mark James (on Bulletin Board)
"If I Were A Monkey," (Ricky) music and lyrics by Rick Segall (on Ricky Segall and the Segalls)

Guest Cast:
Policeman ----------------------------------------------------- Joseph Perry
Harve --------------------------------------------------------- Archie Hahn

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