Written by Dale McRaven
Produced by Larry Rosen
Directed by Richard Kinon
Original Air Date: November 5, 1971

Wendell is 16 years old, skinny, unsure of himself and a real klutz. He is a student at San Pueblo High and also delivers groceries to the Partridges. The family suddenly realizes that he has flipped over Laurie, but he is much too shy and awkward to ask her out.

Danny goes to the store where Wendell works and asks him if he'd like to have a date with Laurie. He drags Wendell back to the house and recruits Keith to give him a few lessons concerning girls. Both Partridge boys take Wendell into the house and hold him there until he finally stammers out an invitation for Friday night. Laurie accepts.

Later, the Partridge Family realizes that they will be doing a concert in Phoenix that night, so Laurie has the difficult job of breaking her date. Meanwhile, Wendell has gained such confidence from her acceptance that it is doubly hard for her. She tells him and he immediately slips back to his former self -- stumbling and clumsy.

Laurie wants to make it up to him the next week, but Wendell avoids her and the other members of the family. Finally, Laurie goes to the store and tells him she would like him to take her to the football party that Saturday night. Once again, he is overwhelmed.

The evening goes beautifully and Wendell is eating it up. Everyone pays attention to him, even the girls, and he is full of pride and confidence. It is the greatest evening of his life!

The following day he wants to see Laurie and she is afraid he will ask her to go steady. Instead -- much to her surprise -- he tells her they are too young to get serious and he would like to take out other girls (even those who are not 'nice' girls).

Shirley tells her family the latest -- Wendell has asked her out for Friday night!

"I'm On My Way Back Home," music and lyrics by Jack Keller and Bobby Hart (on Sound Magazine)

Guest Cast:
Wendell --------------------------------------------- Jay Ripley
Mr. Busby ------------------------------------------ Robert B. Williams
Waitress -------------------------------------------- Ellen Ramsey
First Guy ------------------------------------------- Mark Malmborg
Second Guy ---------------------------------------- Scott McCartor
First Girl -------------------------------------------- Susan Foster
Second Girl ----------------------------------------- Ann Jillian
Third Guy ------------------------------------------- Bill Ewing
Third Girl ------------------------------------------- Sandi Schrader

Tube Trivia:
- Sandi Schrader also appeared in Episodes 28 and 83.
- Mark Malmborg also appeared in Episode 28
- Ann Jillian starred on Broadway in "Sugar Babies" with Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller. She was a regular on "It's A Living."
- Scott McCartor appeared in Episode 27.

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